Bookmarks -New Album by Five For Fighting
featured on "What If" and "Symphony Lane"
Katie Kresek, Violin

Wesley Stace aka John Wesley Harding "Self-Titled"
Katie Kresek, Violin 1

Jewel - "Let It Snow"
Katie Kresek, Concertmaster

Phillip Phillips - The World From The Side of The Moon

Beyonce - Live at Roseland - Element of 4

Colin McGrath - Yellow Brick Man
I arranged and played the string parts for "Surprise Me" and "St. Anthony's Return" and also perform on "Early Game".

Lenny Kravitz, Black & White America

Lenny Kravitz, Black & White America

Siobhan Wilson, Songs

Siobhan Wilson, Songs

Joanna Newsome, Have One On Me

Joanna Newsom ~ Have One On Me

J.Viewz - Rivers and Homes

J Viewz - Rivers and Homes
This was known as the Works in Progress Project.. honored to be playing on Come Back Down with Yoed Nir, Cello, Glen Velez, Frame drums, and the wonderful J. Viewz band.

Lenny Kravitz - It is Time for a Love Revolution
Due for release in February 2008.

Soundtrack "Music and Lyrics"

Jay-Z: Kingdom Come

Jay-Z - Kingdom Come
You can hear/see me on the bonus tracks of the CD from the Radio City Music Hall show. On the DVD deluxe edition I'm leading in the Royal Albert Hall show.